Monthly Archive: Outubro, 2014

Griffin Emblem Watch

    “The brand concept of GRIFFIN EMBLEM insists on the principle of little quantity and high quality. We create a series of valuable limited edition mechanical watches by careful design, superior selection… Continuar a ler

Chair nº 24 by MO-OW

  MO-OW Design crafts 1 wooden chair from 24 identical pieces See more here or here   MO-OW Design desenvolve uma cadeira de madeira com 24 peças idênticas Veja mais aqui ou aqui… Continuar a ler

Pininfarina Fuoriserie, a luxury bespoke bike in limited edition

Pininfarina Fuoriserie  is a fully innovative bike that features the typical lightness and retro appeal of a Fixed model, but at the same time allows itself the luxury of an micro engine Zehus… Continuar a ler

House JA by Filipe Pina – Inês Costa

  Photos:. João Morgado Located on the north-center of Portugal, the house was meant to combine the rural and the urban lifestyle. The lot is surrounded by different types of constructions, consequence of… Continuar a ler

7 Fjell Brewery, Branding

The logo is inspired by the shapes of the brewing tanks and the shape of the bottleneck. The mirrored symmetry in the number 7 and the letter F, creates a harmony of the… Continuar a ler

MT House by Rocco Borromini

Description by Rocco Borromini This project concerns the extension of an existing detached house. The plot is nestled in the mountains of Valtellina, on the weastern side of the bed of a small… Continuar a ler

Alemanys 5

“Located in the heart of Girona’s medieval quarter, inside the original city walls and overlooking Sant Domènec Square, is the property Alemanys 5, whose original building dates from the sixteenth century. Its recent… Continuar a ler

Rapide: A Lounge Chair Inspired by a Wheelbarrow

“Rapide is a lounge chair that mixes the forms of the golden age with contemporary functionality. Its details, inspired by a wheelbarrow, give it the ability to be comfortably moved around according to… Continuar a ler

Button By Strek Collective

“Button is a side table developed with the purpose to provide versatility in the living space. With the removable table top it can also be used as a serving tray and adapts to… Continuar a ler

Trio by Andrea Quiros-Balma

  Trio is a study of form and minimalist structure. With the use of three symmetrical bent plywood pieces a jointless stool is created. The way in which these three shapes support each… Continuar a ler