38687_15 IMG_0928 prodotti-90137-prel2cd7178a77274470b6ec8346179c0d92 prodotti-90137-rel5e07abc209014b85870ddcfafa1a4b40 Vibia (3) VIBIA-Wireflow-109227.XL WIREFLOW_Light_ArikLevy_by_VIBIA-6-1020x1024

Wireflow designed by Arik Levy. A hanging lamp which reviews and updates the chandelier look through an exercise of simplification that explores its essence and enhances its outline with great delicacy and at the same time a strong formal presence. Its appearance, as a structure of fine cables finished with eight 3.7W LED terminals, discretely connects with classic chandelier models, taking this type of lamp to a new, groundbreaking and futuristic dimension. Employing CREA product configurator software, the design can be modified to adapt to your specific project requirements.

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