Mondana Bag Stool by Alessandra Mantovani and Eleonora Barbareschi

design-modern-chair1 ideas-modern-chair1 modern-chair-3 modern-chair-4 modern-chair-6 modern-chair-11Maneuvering furniture around the house would probably be more provoking if the products in question came with… straps. Designers Alessandra Mantovani and Eleonora Barbareschi took this crazy idea to another level when planning Mondana Bag, an unconventional stool for Italian company Riva1920. We don’t know about you guys, but we really enjoy the look of this seemingly playful item, even though it may not be the most comfortable chair in the world. Balancing conceptualization with versatility, this stool is definitely a “fresh” piece to display in a feminine living room with a twist.According to the designers, the idea was to visually remove a common-use item (keep in mind that the handbag is considered an icon nowadays) from its natural context and combine it with wood, as a “homage to Pop Art”. Made of of solid cedar wood, the seat is naturally finished and outfitted with leather for a more genuine look. The monolith wood block inspires sturdiness, yet combines with the straps, it instantly gets a perky, exuberant look.

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