Ferrari FXX K

ferrari-FXX-K-designboom01ferrari-FXX-K-designboom05 ferrari-FXX-K-designboom04 ferrari-FXX-K-designboom03 ferrari-FXX-K-designboom02 ferrari-FXX-K-designboom06The Ferrari ‘FXX K’ supercar will be unveiled during the finali mondiali at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, and improves upon the company’s first hybrid, ‘Laferrari‘. The Maranello, Italy-based manufacturer’s new research and development laboratory joins the vehicle with the non-competitive XX program managed by the corse clienti department. The K in its moniker refers to the kinetic energy recovery (KERS) technology used to boost performance on the track and sets the bench-mark for incorporating innovations to guarantee an uncompromising driving experience.
The new ‘FXX K’ has a conventional V12 engine that provides a power output of 860 cv which when combined with the 190 cv delivered by the electric motor, offers an overall amount of 1,050 cv. as well as featuring high levels of force such as the total torque number of over 900 Nm, the car focuses on delivery maximum efficiency by working on its entire body in terms of both active and passive aerodynamics. this generates highly effective downforce in the amount of 540 kg at 200 km/h, and debuts aero balance concepts developed in the GT category of the FIA world endurance championship.

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