Qatar World Cup memorial by 1week1project

Qatar World Cup Memorial by 1week1project honors deceased builders
all images courtesy of 1week1project
1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-01 1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-05 1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-06 1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-07 1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-08 1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-09 1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-10 1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-111week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-04 1week1project-qatar-world-cup-memorial-designboom-12According to The Guardian, ‘more than 400 nepalese migrant workers have died on qatar’s building sites as the gulf state prepares to host the World Cup in 2022. the grim statistic comes from the pravasi nepali coordination committee, a respected human rights organization which compiles lists of the dead using official sources in doha. It will pile new pressure on the qatari authorities – and on football’s world governing body, FIFA – to curb a mounting death toll that some are warning could hit 4,000 by the time the 2022 finals take place.’ in response to this alarming amount, 1week1project has envisioned the ‘qatar world cup memorial’. The work is a scalable building that raises awareness about the number of workers who passed away during the construction of the stadiums. It is in the form of a tower made of concrete modules, each one representing a deceased member of society. correspondingly, the higher the number, the taller the tower. The structure offers nepalese and indian families, as well as other nationalities, a place for mourning removed from qatar’s cities and skyscrapers. The project has a multitude of itineraries for visiting, on a basis of four units per floor, each of which contain two staircases. the cranes remain positioned in altitude until 2022. The studio speculates that if the death rate is not reduced, the monument could reach a height of 1.5 kilometers (approximately 1 mile) into the sky.

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