LEGO Furniture Collection by Lola Glamour

LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour-2 LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour-3 LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour-4 LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour-5 LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour-6 LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour-7 LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour-8 LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-by-Lola-Glamour-9Considering kids love for all things LEGO, Spanish furniture design and manufacturing company Lola Glamour imagined a modern furniture collection inspired by the charming building blocks. The handmade LEGO Furniture Collection for Kids employs the visual power of beloved LEGO bricks into contemporary furniture design for children’s rooms. These storage for kids use well-known patterns to create a landscape of decorative elements.

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