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Apple Campus 2

EN The new campus, on a site now totalling 175 acres (0.71 km2), is planned to house up to 13,000 employees in one central four-storied circular building of approximately 2,800,000 square feet (260,000 m2), which… Continuar a ler

Edgy: Hexagonal Wall Tiles by KAZA Concrete

  Patrycja Domanska and Tanja Lightfoot designed Edgy, a collection of hexagonal wall tiles for KAZA Concrete. ‘Edgy’ consists of a collection of two tiles, one being three dimensional, the other two and… Continuar a ler

Villa G by Audrius Ambrasas Architects

Villa G by Audrius Ambrasas Architects is a triangular one storey house with elongated ends whose roof curves down to create the back wall in one continuous form. This soft sloping, continuous roof… Continuar a ler

Bondi House by Fearns Studio

Catálogo completo INNOVUS This beautiful inner city home is the creation of Fearns Studio based in Australia. An inner city heritage terrace alteration, the Bondi house was conceived as a first floor timber… Continuar a ler

House in Taufers by Pedevilla

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STARWARS House by Moon Hoon

STARWARS House by Moon Hoon has its muse in – you guessed it – Star Wars. The client for this innovative and spacey South Korean home is a young family of four who… Continuar a ler

Qatar World Cup memorial by 1week1project

Qatar World Cup Memorial by 1week1project honors deceased builders all images courtesy of 1week1project According to The Guardian, ‘more than 400 nepalese migrant workers have died on qatar’s building sites as the gulf… Continuar a ler

The Redaction House by Johnsen Schmaling Architects

The Redaction House by Johnsen Schmaling Architects can be described as a wooden box resting on a stepped brick podium. Eye-catching due to its original silhouette and exterior finishes, the dwelling was especially… Continuar a ler

Apartment AB9 by Filipe Melo Oliveira

In what was once an aged neighbourhood of the city, in a building from 1938, the apartment is presently located in one of the flourishing areas of Lisbon. A key challenge for the… Continuar a ler

hides secret garden behind concrete façades by bandesign

I I Hisaroni Ban of japanese architecture practice bandesign has completed a family home that features a hidden garden obscured from the passing street. Positioned alongside a river in a busy residential area… Continuar a ler