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Cyborg Lamp by Karim Rashid for Martinelli Luce

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“Sra. Doutora” by Estado d’Alma

A secretária “Sra. Doutora” apresenta-se com duas grandes gavetas e duas arrumações abertas na zona das pernas, para ter tudo o que precisa à mão enquanto trabalha. Para alegrar as suas horas de… Continuar a ler

Kimono stool by Goldsworthy

Kimono is an industrial interpretation of folding techniques used in Japanese craft. The piece captures a moment in the elegant, graceful movements inherent in the Japanese Kimono – whilst functioning as a perch for… Continuar a ler

JUNCOS by Flos

Luminaire inspired by ‘bunches of reeds’ hovering over the water surface. With a high power LED, the tube can be tilted and inserted or removed from the ceiling to direct the beam of… Continuar a ler

Villa G by Audrius Ambrasas Architects

Villa G by Audrius Ambrasas Architects is a triangular one storey house with elongated ends whose roof curves down to create the back wall in one continuous form. This soft sloping, continuous roof… Continuar a ler

Bondi House by Fearns Studio

Catálogo completo INNOVUS This beautiful inner city home is the creation of Fearns Studio based in Australia. An inner city heritage terrace alteration, the Bondi house was conceived as a first floor timber… Continuar a ler

SCALES by MUT design

“Inspired by the reflecting quality of fish scales ” “With SCALES, we seek to imitate the feeling of vibrating movement transmitted by the sheeny skin of fishes when they ripple under water. The… Continuar a ler

LEGO Furniture Collection by Lola Glamour

Considering kids love for all things LEGO, Spanish furniture design and manufacturing company Lola Glamour imagined a modern furniture collection inspired by the charming building blocks. The handmade LEGO Furniture Collection for Kids employs… Continuar a ler

Viennese Guest Room by heri&salli

heri&salli builds giant timber bed frame for viennese guest room. See more here heri&salli constrói uma cama com uma estrutura gigante de madeira para quarto de hóspedes vienense. Veja mais aqui

House in Taufers by Pedevilla

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