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Cyborg Lamp by Karim Rashid for Martinelli Luce

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“Sra. Doutora” by Estado d’Alma

A secretária “Sra. Doutora” apresenta-se com duas grandes gavetas e duas arrumações abertas na zona das pernas, para ter tudo o que precisa à mão enquanto trabalha. Para alegrar as suas horas de… Continuar a ler

Outdoor animals by Chan Wai Lim

“Designed by Chan Wai Lim of Little Thoughts Group, these outdoor rocking animals were inspired by where the designer grew up. Wai Lim spent her childhood on a farm in Singapore playing with… Continuar a ler

XYZen Garden by JON-A-TRON

“In our hectic modern lives, there’s no escape from constant connectivity and goal pursuit. The X-Y-Zen Garden demands concentration, giving you no choice but to focus on the here and now. It consists… Continuar a ler

Kimono stool by Goldsworthy

Kimono is an industrial interpretation of folding techniques used in Japanese craft. The piece captures a moment in the elegant, graceful movements inherent in the Japanese Kimono – whilst functioning as a perch for… Continuar a ler

JUNCOS by Flos

Luminaire inspired by ‘bunches of reeds’ hovering over the water surface. With a high power LED, the tube can be tilted and inserted or removed from the ceiling to direct the beam of… Continuar a ler

LEAF SEAT by nico

Most foot stools come in rather predictable shapes and forms and are regarded merely as an accessory to a chair. The aim in designing the Leaf Seat was to create a foot stool… Continuar a ler

Fiat 500 Vintage ’57

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Roll by Flaminia Ceramic

The Roll ceramic wash basin resembles a coiled paper ribbon acting more as a boundary confining its water than as an actual basin. Roll, as all the creations of the original team of… Continuar a ler

Edgy: Hexagonal Wall Tiles by KAZA Concrete

  Patrycja Domanska and Tanja Lightfoot designed Edgy, a collection of hexagonal wall tiles for KAZA Concrete. ‘Edgy’ consists of a collection of two tiles, one being three dimensional, the other two and… Continuar a ler