Edgy: Hexagonal Wall Tiles by KAZA Concrete

  Patrycja Domanska and Tanja Lightfoot designed Edgy, a collection of hexagonal wall tiles for KAZA Concrete. ‘Edgy’ consists of a collection of two tiles, one being three dimensional, the other two and… Continuar a ler

ChopChop by Dirk Biotto

“Preparing food seems to be the most normal thing on earth. And that is exactly why we don´t bother performing all the tasks while working in the kitchen. But within a closer look… Continuar a ler

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE Samsung Galaxy S6 find more abou the new Samsungs here

Cyclocross Wooden Bike by Paul Timmer

One of the newest wooden bikes, Cyclocross is a sleek, natural design by Paul Timmer. Though the design follows the wooden bike trend, it stands out. Timmer’s model is more minimalist than the… Continuar a ler

Villa G by Audrius Ambrasas Architects

Villa G by Audrius Ambrasas Architects is a triangular one storey house with elongated ends whose roof curves down to create the back wall in one continuous form. This soft sloping, continuous roof… Continuar a ler

Felt Baby Nursery by moKee

“When we were gearing up our son’s nursery we were underwhelmed by the choices available from the major retailers. It was either the same plain budget range or design-led products costing an arm… Continuar a ler

Flipcrown Bike

        “FlipCrown is a stylish and affordable bike accessory that allows you to flip the handlebars 90°, this is convenient to store/mount /get through crowds… It can be installed on… Continuar a ler

Detailed evolution of 2016 Range Rover Evoque’s

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Bondi House by Fearns Studio

Catálogo completo INNOVUS This beautiful inner city home is the creation of Fearns Studio based in Australia. An inner city heritage terrace alteration, the Bondi house was conceived as a first floor timber… Continuar a ler

Rotary Mechancial by Richard Clarkson

“A smartphone concept that aims at introducing questions on what gives an electronic device value in modern-day society.” See more here   “Um conceito de smartphone que visa a introdução de questões sobre… Continuar a ler